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[Copybot Viewer] Sombrero Firestorm

[Copybot Viewer] Sombrero Firestorm

[Copybot Viewer] Sombrero Firestorm

**Privacy – spoof MAC ID0 use a proxy.
**Instant message Encryption between Sombrero clients (check the lock)

** Shift right click avatars Objects Land to show Sombrero custom Pie Menu Items
** Shift left click to show uuids
** right click images to show a context menu
** quick switch to uuid, inventory and local texture modes
** enable radar Sombrero rezzing functions from the radar menu

** show Sombrero toolbox feature to toolbar to allow defensive and offensive options
** Play any sound uuid or choose from combo
** Voice Hax position lock
** Play any animation uuid or choose from combo
** Touch Spammer
** Speed Rezzer

** Undeformers that work
** Go to ground or a Safe Platform
** Select All Region Owned Objects or Delete them
** KeyTool Asset Injection
** Message Logging and Building
** Vfs Explorer and Injection
** Sound Explorer and ripping
** Animation Explorer and Ripping
** Particle Explorer with Full Sim Ripping inc avatars attachments
** Viewer Side Hacked GodMode
** Import wearables scripts gestures free using bulk.
**BVH Animations can be bulk uploaded

** Unique Texture Inpection with detailed properties and Texture animation/particle script ripping
** XML OXP DAE Exporting

** All preview floaters have ripping to inventory and exporting abilities.
** AO has UUID notecard detection and use without adding [UUID]
** Detailed asset properties with editing

** Save as
** Texteditor
** Hexeditor
** Reupload
** save invz and load invz Inventories
** Local Inventory Sorted into folders (No Mess)

** Snapshot Detection
** Dialog Detection (as requested)
** Clean caches before install for best results
** Viewer is kept up to date with firestorm development repository so there may be bugs as well as fixes that viewers based on older releases don’t have


[NEW VIEWER] Old Skool version (Singularity / Phoenix)

[NEW VIEWER] Old Skool
version (Singularity / Phoenix)

[NEW VIEWER] Old Skool

== Old Skool Features == 

  • * MAC and HDD serial Spoof added to Login Panel.
  • * Channel and Version Spoofing added to Login Panel.
  • * Spoof system language in OS Preferences.
  • * Detect Avatars Trying to use Commands (pinging you) toggle in Old Skool preferences security.
  • * Local inventory
  • * New Phoenix Skin Added.
  • * Added Phoenix Fancy Beams.(settings in Old Skool Preferences)
  • * Radar has had an overhaul e Phoenix like with Sombrero features on right click.
  • * Added Avatar Hud Detection.
  • * Voice position locking (lock to camera or pos) located in voice remote control on toolbar.
  • * Mouselook now shows avatar name and distance with ability to set custom crosshairs in OldSkool Preferences.
  • * Image Metadata Reader Used to get the real uploader of textures and ripped Loal Inventory textures (works for most not all)
  • * Copy AssetID and Open Texture added to a context menu of texture controls.
  • * Preview floaters of Textures, Animations, Sounds, Mod Scripts and Gestures with ripping ability (Downloading for all using file menu / save preview as (shortcut ctrl s)
  • * New Bulk upload submenu added to filter out types.
  • * Wearable Upload added.
  • * BVH animations will now upload and download.
  • * Import Scripts notecards added to file menu of their respecting preview floater.
  • * Texture Inspector with Texture Ripping, Also particle and animated texture script ripping.
  • * Av Texture floater unlocked and added rip all to inventory and copy all asset ids to clipboard. (can right click them too using the new context menu)
  • * Key Tool (creates a local inventory item from the UUID stored in the clipboard) – with added Full perm wearable injection.(creates a non temp item)
  • * Shift left click in world object selects and edits it for fast selection (hold shift keep clicking objects)
  • * Ripping Textures added to the Shift + Alt + Ctrl + T (while object is selected)
  • * UUID NoteCard made to work in the Viewer AO
  • * Reupload assets with right-click “reupload” from Inventory.
  • * Inventory back-up, with right-click “save as”
  • * Save and load inventories, with right-click “save inv cache” / inventory file load Inv Cache (on another account loads your backed up inventory on alt)
  • * Create Items in yourLocal Inventory using create menu in your inventory.
  • * Play ‘Ambient’ button in all sound floaters, makes sounds appear to play from everywhere.
  • * Copy UUID in sound preview windows
  • * Copy UUID in animation preview windows
  • * Circuit Floater added to disconnect Regions. also ability to show circuit info in chat via toggle in Preferences Old Skool.
  • * Added Message Packet Builder.
  • * Added Message Packet Logger.
  • * DAE and OBJ Export permission checks removed.
  • * Added Familiar Export Xml Floater with wearable rip. (a total rewrite of the selection system avatar attachments load faster. Ability to open floater and keep adding objects by clicking them.)
  • * Added Resync of animations.
  • * Added ability to clear viewer effects.
  • * F1 Key now opens the Debug Settings for faster access.
  • * Control Alt g Toggles Hacked God mode
  • * Asset Hex editor
  • * Asset Text editor
  • * VFS Explorer and Injector. (same concept as cache viewer, reads writes Assets in your cache)
  • * Unlocked sound explorer added some ripping abilities.
  • * Unlocked animation explorer added some ripping abilities.
  • * Added Particle Explorer Floater to view/rip all particle system scripts in sim.
  • * Added Undeformer
  • * Delete all owned objects in region.
  • * TP to ground and to Platform.

NEW DarkStorm Viewer v3.0

NEW DarkStorm v3.0 – 12022014

[Viewer] DarkStorm v3.0

[Viewer] DarkStorm v3.0


– Windows SecondLife (Havok) Version
MD5 14710E2D4088BFEA62D6F5C9BB33278D
– Windows Opensim Version 
MD5 F4D0F4B5982A723D7BD1B612B5CAEE49

– macosx download –

..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Jett Skins and MOD Shape Bundle

..::SAMURAI HQ::..

Jett Skins and MOD Shape Bundle

The skins and the shape has been made based on American Male Model.

  • 3 Skin Tones
  • 9 Beard Styles
  • Clean shaven

GoonLife V2 Windows,Linux & Mac

GoonLife V2 Windows,Linux & Mac by Wish

GoonLife Copybot Viewer

CopyBot and Additional Features include:
rip textures,
rip and download animations,
rip and download sounds,
UUID selector.
Shift Left rip texture/ shift right rips sculp to prims.

DarkStorm v2.8 Released by Wish

[Viewer] DarkStorm v2.8 [windows/mac/linux]
DarkStorm v2.8 – 07072013

DarkStorm Viewer

DarkStorm Viewer 2.8

— windows download —
MD5 6833FD7B48058050240F37CBA1A9ACCB

— macosx download — (v2.6)
MD5 1B659CF354197FAE294BD790F76614B1
NOTE MacOSX: im fix errors on compiling macosx release

— linux download —
MD5 DDE0B5634F138C367E82BD2715EE7521

download password: wshdarkstorm

IMPORTANT!! Install this build as a CLEAN INSTALL ***
if you have problems uninstal, delete the darkstorm/settings folder and reinstall

advice: change DS system folder on Login Spoof (#Darkstorm)

NEW v2.8:
– update repository new Firestorm (SSB support)
– Darkstorm menu on Radar
– some bugs fixed

English muffin – Trishie fatpack

English muffin - Trishie fatpack

English muffin – Trishie fatpack

Download English Muffin

Unlikely Mesh Modular Dress Full Perm

Sexy and Elegant mesh dress pieces, modular for more versatility! Both tops match to both bottoms or usable on their own for matching to texture tops or flexi skirts!

7 1024×1024 textures in TGA & PSD
-Corset Skirt Texture
-Sashed Skirt Texture
-Halter Top Texture
-Strap Top Texture
-Shading only textures for both skirts and tops

Dress Full Perm

Also Includes
-UV Map,
-Full Perm Wearable Alpha and alpha texture pngs
-Normal Maps from Front and Back Perspective
-5 Sizes Included -extra extra small, extra small,small, medium and large-
based on creator Standard Sizing
read more about standard sizing here