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SAMURAI HQ Pierce Skin

SAMURAI HQ Pierce Skins

The skins and mod shape have been made base on male model.

12 Beard Styles.
Hair base option.
5 Skin Tones
Clean shaven
3 Body hair styles. (Including one darker version)
Arm hair option
Hair leg option

[Copybot Viewer] Sombrero Firestorm

[Copybot Viewer] Sombrero Firestorm

[Copybot Viewer] Sombrero Firestorm

**Privacy – spoof MAC ID0 use a proxy.
**Instant message Encryption between Sombrero clients (check the lock)

** Shift right click avatars Objects Land to show Sombrero custom Pie Menu Items
** Shift left click to show uuids
** right click images to show a context menu
** quick switch to uuid, inventory and local texture modes
** enable radar Sombrero rezzing functions from the radar menu

[NEW VIEWER] Old Skool version (Singularity / Phoenix)

[NEW VIEWER] Old Skool
version (Singularity / Phoenix)

[NEW VIEWER] Old Skool

== Old Skool Features == 

  • * MAC and HDD serial Spoof added to Login Panel.
  • * Channel and Version Spoofing added to Login Panel.
  • * Spoof system language in OS Preferences.
  • * Detect Avatars Trying to use Commands (pinging you) toggle in Old Skool preferences security.
  • * Local inventory
  • * New Phoenix Skin Added.
  • * Added Phoenix Fancy Beams.(settings in Old Skool Preferences)
  • * Radar has had an overhaul e Phoenix like with Sombrero features on right click.
  • * Added Avatar Hud Detection.
  • * Voice position locking (lock to camera or pos) located in voice remote control on toolbar.
  • * Mouselook now shows avatar name and distance with ability to set custom crosshairs in OldSkool Preferences.
  • * Image Metadata Reader Used to get the real uploader of textures and ripped Loal Inventory textures (works for most not all)
  • * Copy AssetID and Open Texture added to a context menu of texture controls.
  • * Preview floaters of Textures, Animations, Sounds, Mod Scripts and Gestures with ripping ability (Downloading for all using file menu / save preview as (shortcut ctrl s)
  • * New Bulk upload submenu added to filter out types.
  • * Wearable Upload added.
  • * BVH animations will now upload and download.
  • * Import Scripts notecards added to file menu of their respecting preview floater.
  • * Texture Inspector with Texture Ripping, Also particle and animated texture script ripping.
  • * Av Texture floater unlocked and added rip all to inventory and copy all asset ids to clipboard. (can right click them too using the new context menu)
  • * Key Tool (creates a local inventory item from the UUID stored in the clipboard) – with added Full perm wearable injection.(creates a non temp item)
  • * Shift left click in world object selects and edits it for fast selection (hold shift keep clicking objects)
  • * Ripping Textures added to the Shift + Alt + Ctrl + T (while object is selected)
  • * UUID NoteCard made to work in the Viewer AO
  • * Reupload assets with right-click “reupload” from Inventory.
  • * Inventory back-up, with right-click “save as”

NEW DarkStorm Viewer v3.0

NEW DarkStorm v3.0 – 12022014

[Viewer] DarkStorm v3.0

[Viewer] DarkStorm v3.0


— Windows SecondLife (Havok) Version
MD5 14710E2D4088BFEA62D6F5C9BB33278D
— Windows Opensim Version 
MD5 F4D0F4B5982A723D7BD1B612B5CAEE49

— macosx download —

..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Jett Skins and MOD Shape Bundle

..::SAMURAI HQ::..

Jett Skins and MOD Shape Bundle

The skins and the shape has been made based on American Male Model.

  • 3 Skin Tones
  • 9 Beard Styles
  • Clean shaven