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NEW DarkStorm Viewer v3.0

NEW DarkStorm v3.0 – 12022014

[Viewer] DarkStorm v3.0

[Viewer] DarkStorm v3.0


– Windows SecondLife (Havok) Version
MD5 14710E2D4088BFEA62D6F5C9BB33278D
– Windows Opensim Version 
MD5 F4D0F4B5982A723D7BD1B612B5CAEE49

– macosx download –

All New DarkDolphin Viewer

DarkDolphin Viewer

DarkDolphin Viewer v3.4.1.26336

– windows download –

– macosx download — (soon)

– linux download — (soon)

DarkDolphin Viewer by Wish

DarkDolphin Viewer by Wish

download password: ********

New viewer based on Dolphin Viewer 3

- all features from Darkstorm Viewer
- Opensim support from Firestorm

Singularity based Admin Viewer

Admin Viewer

Singularity based Admin Viewer

Antipcopybot Turd Union

Anticopybot Union


You Turds hate copybots?
You Turds want protect your clothes and scripts?
You Turds want see who the copyboter is?
You Turds want to report the person?
you want to be a part of a turd union against that and to help stop that shit?

GothGirl Demonia

Im sending a few of these similar to a few friends many of them which already know.
Be on the look-out whom you accuse of being a BOT, I know some stores ban people wearing ripped content on site, it would be nice to check and see if they are an actual newbie first before accusing them.

As a lot of us know CopyBot had a major impact in 2009, and in Late 2012 is showing signs of picking up again big times?

What does this have to do with you/me? You may ask.

(Prim Spoofing.) —> The list of spoofs is cosntantly being updated through a griefer network.

Prim spoofing is the act of spoofing prims on a persons account to attempt to make another person look guilty of CopyBotting activity, it has been being done to a number of merchants lately in 2012. I have been keeping tabs on this eventhough I don’t play SL much.

Here is a working spoofer.
Spoof Creator

Here is Oskar linden shortly before he got fired lol, and 3 Copybotters were here all reported by me LL did nothing.

Nicki Skin – Meghindo The Romanian Copybotter

meghindo romano


LeCoeurDesAnges what r u doing ?




Detailed,fully textured female leather jacket 3d model.

I want to buy a product from TurboSquid and convert it into an object I resell in a virtual world, like Second Life. Is this allowed?
The creators of a virtual world can include TurboSquid products as part of the virtual world or game, but users cannot purchase TurboSquid products to re-sell in those worlds.

DarkStorm v2.6 windows/mac/linux

[Viewer] DarkStorm v2.6 [windows/mac/linux]

DarkStorm v2.6 – 30102012

DarkStorm Viewer

– windows download –

– macosx download –

– linux download --

IMPORTANT!! Install this build as a CLEAN INSTALL ***
if you have problems uninstal, delete the darkstorm/settings folder and reinstall